Decorating Options

Regardless of the type of look you’re aiming to achieve for your team, ByoGlobe can create the unique style to make your players stand out like pros. Sleeveless, long sleeves, no buttons at all, the ByoGlobe team is made up of talented, creative individuals that are all about making your vision a reality.

Our decorating options are designed to be extensive yet easy to use. Simply choose a product, customize it with your unique design, and we’ll take care of the rest. Whether it’s a full button short sleeve jersey, a crew neck tee, or baseball pants, we encourage you to take the time to fully explore our varied options for your team.

Some of the decoration options we provide include sublimation which involves dying the decoration into the fabric, screen printing, and tackle twill, where the material is sewn onto the garment. Sublimation is a good option if you would like the item to also have player names. Screen printing is a great option for saving money while tackle twill will give your uniforms an eye-catching, premium look.

Customization Types


Sublimated products are the newest, most technologically advanced athletic printing process, is the ultimate performance decoration method. All the decoration is directly dyed into the fabric. This allows for greater customization capabilities where the decoration won’t wear off. Your decoration adds no weight, it stretches with the fabric, and it never peels or fades. Sublimation also offers unlimited decoration capabilities without raising costs. It means that your team can build a jersey with unlimited colors and 10 design locations without spending an extra cent on the garment!


  • Lightweight
  • Permanent
  • Unlimited graphics
  • Perfect color match


  • More expensive than screen printing
  • “Non-traditional” feel

Screen Print

Screen print customization is where colored ink is applied to the garment. It can be the most affordable method of customization. Although it was the most popular method of athletic printing for many decades, screen printing is beginning to give way to other processes such as sublimation.


  • Inexpensive
  • Variety of graphics
  • Unlimited colors


  • Durable but not permanent
  • Difficult to color match

Tackle Twill

Tackle twill applications are when pieces of twill material are sewn onto the garment for a traditional look. The patch can be a team logo, player number or lettering.

Graphics are usually simple 2 color graphics and can have matching numbers as well. This looks tends to be a traditional premium look. Tackle twill can be done in multicolor, but each color adds weight.


  • Extremely durable
  • Heavyweight “traditional” feel
  • Many colors and fonts


  • Very heavy
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Difficult to color match
  • Limited graphics


Embroidery applications are used for sewing team logos and names onto uniforms, caps, shirts, jackets and more. With embroidery, you have almost limitless options for creating your own designs, colors and textures. Before your order is completed, you can proof your embroidery designs via email.


  • Almost all fabrics can be embroidered
  • Sustain color quality.
  • Create detailed images with texture or depth
  • Small quantity runs allow you to get your items faster.


  • Large logos/designs
  • Logos/designs that has very fine detail or small fonts
  • Designs with gradients
  • Lightweight garments

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer applications, also known as heat transfer printing, is the process of applying heat-applied materials to uniforms, shirts, bags, jackets and more. Various personalization options to choose from.


  • Provides a very high quality product.
  • Perfect for lettering and numbering
  • Allows for a variety of colors and placements on a garment.
  • Small quantity runs allow you to get your items faster.


  • Prints fade after several washes and do not last long.
  • Prints are stiff, making the fabric firm
  • Ironing prints will ruin image